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Welcome to Queueing Simulator!

When a game comes out that you have been hyping up, you want to finish work early in order to get home and play it. Luckily for you, you were even able to download it the day before release! You get home at a decent time. You sit down at your desk. The excitement continues to grow.

You open the game...

Its finally here!

You click play and create your character. Oh, it’s the most amazing thing in the world!

Then boom, you are 7,000th in the queue! And to top it off, if you have a 30 series, then well... you may not even be able to get further than that.

Where it all went wrong..

On the day of release New World opened up its EU servers, hours before any other set. Sounds great right? EU servers coming up first, meaning that we get to play it over here first... Well, it’s a shame really that Amazon Games decided to make the character naming system different to the majority of MMO RPG’s. In many MMO’s, character names are server dependent, however New World decided instead that character names are game dependent... Yes, you read that right. I can join multiple worlds (two worlds per national server - EU, NA East, NA West etc) but only use my online username once!

This led to everyone around the world attempting to log into the EU servers to save the name they want, knowing that within two weeks of release Amazon Games were going to gift us with 1 free server transfer. Because of this, the servers went nuts, some servers had queues of up to 20,000 people. Every server queue and capacity was completely maxed out, so much so even now you can’t create new characters in some servers due to them reaching a limit.

What’s happening now?

The issues with the queues still stand, although now there is a higher variety of servers to choose from. Unfortunately, this does mean that a lot of people have had to create a new character in a new world, just for the ease of access. Again, this is made more difficult by the fact that some of the servers are full to the point you can’t even try and join.

However, with the release of new servers does mean that your original queue of 7,000 is now more realistically down to 500, so luckily, you’re only wasting a good hour of your game time waiting to get in. Which for us is the new norm at the minute, especially when it comes to buying fuel.

Enjoying our work. Give us a follow everywhere and tell a friend.



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