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Questions & Answers

Clearing Things Up

Who can write for Robot Republic?

Anyone with competent writing skills and good English. You don't need to be a professional writer. Or commit to regular articles. Just have an interest in Gaming and something to say on the matter. Happy to welcome anyone to our gaming community. 

Can I become a Writer for Robot Republic? 

We are always looking for new volunteer team members. But you can publish on the site as a guest writer. 

We would love to do an article trade with your site to help us both out. 

Are you really just killer robots pretending to be human?

 01101110 01101111, We like to keep all things fair an equal. Our pages is a community of friendly human gamers. . 

What do we plan for the future? 

Starting from game news. We've quickly branched out to a podcast network, with shows on YouTube. 

Going forward we will be focusing more on expanding our podcast portfolio, and welcoming guests onto the shows, whilst still focusing on delivering high quality gaming news and articles. 

If you are looking to start a Gaming podcast or YouTube channel. Or would like your Twitch to be affiliated with us. Please reach out. 

Have any other questions? Please get in contact. 

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