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Here at Robot Republic we love to help out our human friends and they help us out. So take a look at some of the other projects from our team and other allies. 

This isn't your ordinary gaming channel - forget traditional reviews, playthroughs and commentaries. Glitchqraft is all about the love of video gaming: a qommunity for gamers who love the art, history and storytelling behind our favourite sofa-and-snacks pastime!


A podcast based around the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, also featuring AEW, Impact and WWE live event streams and interviews.


You will find Danny's work on most of our YouTube Team's Avatars. 

Check out their other work over on their Insta.

The Aussie Perspective

The Aussie Perspective. 

Reviews, news, and game play from primarily PC focus. 

Give them a sub, and stay tuned for our future collaborations

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Our dear friends/rivals run a great site focusing on indie gaming. 

They run the Indie Insight podcast. 

The Unofficial Game Pass Podcast. 

Go check them out everywhere and look out for guest appearances on our podcasts. 

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Riku's own avatar is from Rocky. 

Her work is amazing, sells great designs and does custom commissions

Check out her Esty and Instagram.

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