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New World: Review

Welcome to Queuing Simulator... Sorry I meant New World, a new MMO by Amazon Games set on the Eternal Isle, Aeternum. An island surrounded by mystery, angry factions, a hilarious stupid global chat and queues that not even the most stubborn Brit would be willing to wait in! New World was one of the most hyped new releases of 2021, but has it lived up to its expectation? To put it simply, yes! Unless you’re one of the many who have been struck by server queues and GPU overloads.

Immerse yourself in the world!

The world of Aeternum is full of adventure, whether you’re following the main quest, charging through dungeon crawls with your friends, or even excessively chopping down trees in order to unlock a rune hatchet... Oh wait that’s RuneScape.

Unlike most MMO’s, this game gives me a great sense of excitement even when playing alone and yes, I have spent roughly 5 hours alone just gathering resources...

The most amazing thing about New World, is the fact that respawn is actually part of canon. When you see creatures and NPCs respawn, they come into the world in a blue like gas (the same forms around them when their body dies). This is because of the Eternal Isle your soul doesn’t leave when you die, meaning you could realistically kill the same boar over and over again!

Slash those enemies!

Like all MMO’s, the animation of the combat is fairly basic, focusing on the slashing and swinging of your weapon, rather than the beautiful combinations that you can get in open world RPG’s. However, this is combined with the skills and abilities that you can gain whilst levelling up your mastery in each weapon. The combat personally feels a lot like that of the Elder Scrolls Online, although I feel like New World itself could do with some minor improvements, for instance the use of a spear is extremely repetitive.

For your combat, you will be using two weapons, and yes, your choice of combo will mean a lot! Many people will judge you on your combination of weapons, for instance you may get classified as a noob for combining the fire staff with the life staff. However, if you want to be a tank/healer, then look no further than the hatchet/life staff combo! This one will make you a living god... At least until you forget you are in PVP mode and you get absolutely wrecked whilst mining iron. Totally didn’t happen to me after uttering the words ‘I love the fact I can mine iron here; nobody will find me here.’


Let's be honest, this is why we always play MMOs, to kill random strangers and our friends in an all-out blood thirsty war. The factions in the game are split between Marauders, Covenant and Syndicate, and you can either go traditional PvP and fight for territories, or you could go out into the world with your PvP activated and slay (or get slain).

The best part about PvP in the open world, is the fact that the amount of XP you gain, or the number of materials you can gather are increased when in PvP. So yay, the threat of death does come with its upside!

Have I sold it yet?

Best way to sell this game, if you like the sound of RuneScape having a love child with The Elder Scrolls, then GET THIS GAME! If not, then it’s £35 which let’s be fair, it’s insanely good in today’s market!

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