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Take-Two CEO: Microsoft Acquiring Activision Would Be “Good”

The CEO of Take-Two recently did an interview where he commented that the Activision Blizzard acquisition would be “good” for the gaming industry. Strauss Zelnick recently spoke with The Wrap on YouTube for a “Spotlight Conversation” and Microsoft's proposed acquisition came up. During the interview, Zelnick reveals that he is certain the deal would be a "good thing for Microsoft and the industry"overall. He believes the gaming industry is “fragmented” which means there is “plenty of room for creativity to go around". Zelnick notes that the outcome of the deal being approved is down to “consumer votes”, especially in regard to different IPs and popular series owned by Activision Blizzard. It's not clear if this opinion is purely selfish, however. Zelnick also explains in the interview that Microsoft is a good “ally” for his company. If the deal makes Microsoft “more powerful” then it's a good thing for Take-Two.


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