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The First PS5 Jailbreak Discovered

The first documented PS5 jailbreak has just been discovered. It's very limited and isn't particularly useful to gamers but the hack does work. This is the first time anyone has had success with jailbreaking the PS5.

Revealed on Twitter by known modder Lance McDonald in a short video, the jailbreak gives access to the debug menu and the ability to install a PS4 PKG file. The newly discovered exploit seems to give users read/write access but not execute access to run the files they install. While McDonald released a video of the PT demo being freshly installed on a PS5, the console cannot run it yet. McDonald is not responsible for this jailbreak but he did release the unofficial patch that allowed Bloodbourne to run at 60fps on PS4. It's uncertain who created the limited jailbreak but it's a promising start for those still working on the PS5. The exploit only works for PS5 consoles running firmware version 4.03 which was replaced in December 2021. It also only works around 30% of the time and usually needs multiple attempts to make it work. The exploit is exciting news for hackers, it is the first real sign of progress and is something that can be built on.

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