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PS5 leak confirms Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remaster and Horizon Online

A leaked document from PlayStation reveals several unannounced projects which should be announced soon. It lists quite a few projects for the Horizon series and reveals that Sony intends to bring Horizon: Forbidden West to PC. The document has been confirmed as legitimate by sources for media outlets and Resetera leaker, Dusk Golem. Posting in the comments section, Dusk Golem states the list is “a bit old” and seems to only include “Sony-involved projects in the UK”. However, Tom Henderson states that cannot personally confirm the information from the leak. According to the leaked document, the Horizon series is getting an online game described to be a “game as a service” which most likely means it's a live service game. While this could mean a Horizon MMO is coming, the document doesn't give us much information. It also lists a Horizon VR game for PS5. Outside of the Horizon series, it also reveals Kojima Productions is bringing something codenamed “Ocean” to PS5 which is most likely Death Stranding 2. The document also confirms that Sackboy and Returnal are coming to PC. Enjoying our work? Give us a follow everywhere and tell a friend!



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