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Dead Space Remake gets its First Gameplay Trailer

EA and Motive have finally released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming Dead Space Remake. The project has been pretty public with Motive uploading regular videos about the development process and taking feedback from fans. However, this is the time the official gameplay video was released for the project.

Dead Space is being rebuilt in EA's Frostbite engine with an updated story and improved gameplay for a modern audience. As shown in the gameplay trailer, the Dead Space remake includes the 360-degree zero gravity effect from the second game along with a few gameplay mechanic tweaks to modernise the title. This includes alternate paths with new areas for players to explore, including areas that were removed from the original game before release. Dead Space will release on January 27th 2023 early next year. As release day approaches, the development team will continue to release videos about the game and more content over the next few months.

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