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Sea of Thieves meets Disney

Widely popular pirate sandbox Sea of thieves has teamed up with Disney to bring a Jack Sparrow inclusive story to the game and no focused story to play. Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life for Me.

SOT has been building on story elements for a while now, after initial release being criticized for being too ‘create your own fun’.

This new expansion, DLC…season. (Unsure what they do with these days). Looks to finally include the mermaid enemies promised since launch.

There also appears to be a Clam-headed enemy and a giant mermaid statue emerging from the sea that I can only assume we won’t be expected to hack down with swords.

From the Disney partner-ship (sorry) they have Captain Jack Sparrow and Davie Jones in all his squid faced glory.

Sea of thieves currently sees over 20 million active players, making it one of Microsoft’s most popular games. So it is unsurprising to see such large scale deals happening, and what better fit than the gold standard of piracy films.

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