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Xbox Bethesda Starfield release date confirmed. And more details.

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

It looks like Bethesda Studios first new franchise in 25 years has a release date. Holidays next year.

Confirming our previous prediction that it wouldn’t be out this year. Thinking being that it would be distracting to release Halo Infinite and Starfield in the same window, hurting both their mind shares.

We have got an in game engine trailer, at least it's more than just the star peeping around a planet and a satellite. There are some hidden details, such as what appears to be teasing the location of Elder Scrolls 6.

As well as the release date revealed on the space ship console. 11-11-2022.

It is also confirmed that this is indeed coming to only Xbox and PC. Or as Phil Spenser had put it last year, wherever Game Pass is available.

Distressingly for Xbox, this trailer leaked just over an hour before the start of the showcase, showing up on the Washington Post. Taking some of the thunder from the presentation.

Leaks are generally expected these days, but it’s a shame that this one came so close to actual reveal.

The trailer didn't show much, but it gave a look at some advanced weaponry. And very current looking space suit. Looking to be a realistic take on space exploration.

-- UPDATE --

The trailer was created with the in game engine, so while not game play itself. It is how it should be looking. Bethesda have shown off in game trailers before which look very much like the finished product. So hopes are high.

They have also released a video showing some behind the scenes from Bethesda Studios.

We also have some more design shots from the games. See below.

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