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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Game Pass

It looks like our friends at Game Pass Twitter have been dropping more hints at upcoming Game Pass releases.

With this email from their loose lipped leaker Melissa McGamepass. (Defo a real person)

Melissa McGamepass, born for the job.

Need a hand spotting the hints.

Look at the Subject at the top.

Details Regarding Announcements, Games, Other News

All capitalised fist letters, which together spell, of course, DRAGON.

Now this could be a Dragon Age game, or Dragons Dogma.

However, With Xbox's close dealings with Sega in putting all of the previous Yakuza games on Game Pass, this latest release in the series was expected sooner or later.

I've played this game, I recommend this game. While usually not a fan of turn based combat games. The quirkiness of Like a Dragon makes it a joy to play.

Ichiban is one of my favourite characters in anything ever, he's so endearing and kind, yet kicks soo much ass.

Such a babe

I'm yet to complete this game, and am happy it's coming to Game Pass. For one thing, to bring this excellent game to many others who might not otherwise be trying it. And also, so i no longer have to swap the disks to play.

Stay tuned for more E3 news and features as the weekend progresses.

Check out the trailer here;

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