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News Bit: Xbox is getting a Game Family Pass

While some entertainment companies are cracking down on account sharing, Xbox is accepting it's a part of life and leaning into it. It recently announced a new Xbox Insider program that allows multiple people to share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits with just one subscription.

The Xbox Insider preview is only available for Colombia and Ireland but if it goes well, we can expect to see this becoming available for everyone. While anyone taking part in this preview can share their membership with others, they need to live in the same country. It looks like there's only a limited number of slots for how many people can participate in this preview.

The Xbox Family Game Pass lets people add up to four other users to their subscription. The official post states that it's possible to add “friends and family” on console, PC and cloud gaming. It seems like it isn't limited to only people you live with but Microsoft still needs to confirm this.

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