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News Bit: Xbox Game Pass hits 25 million subs

Along with the activision blizzard buyout news. We also got a new look into the current state of Xbox's video game service, Game Pass.

With this statement from Phil Spenser discussing the buyout.

With day and date game drops, and frankly an insurmountable amount of games to play added each month. Game Pass is a great deal for consumers but has its critiques asking how they intend to make money from this.

Well, if it wasn't already clear how subscription services can make more money than selling individual games. Here is some maths.

Game pass ultimate, which is the most common subscription, is £10.99 a month.

With 25 million subs, that's £274,750,000 every month. Or 3,297,000,000 a year.

Now, there are of course a chunk of people who will use the £1 deals, creating new accounts each month. And various other ways to get it cheaper.

But even if an unreasonably large number, such as half, did that. It's still an insane amount of income.

The new model of media distribution appears to be a winner for Microsoft.

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