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News Bit: Troy Baker gets into NFTs, everyone hates it

In the latest depressing trend of video games news. Troy Baker, the voice artist involved in most of the worlds hit video games (like, so many of them), has pledged his alliegence to NFT.

Giving this statement on twitter.

This of course sparked a series of 'Please let this not be true' type messages in the comments section.

Many feel betrayed that someone so loved in the industry would be supporting this dystopian nonsense.

For those unaware, the main issue with NFTs (besides being vaguely pointless) is that to maintain this 'blockchain' there are many GPUs running constantly, which of course has a pretty significant negative effect on the environment.

To look at it from a more gamer focused side, here's a video by Australian YouTuber The Aussie Perspective giving a fair pros and cons of NFTs.

Anyway, enjoy your tulip economy Troy. May it soon collapse.

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