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News Bit: Steam has quietly banned Cryptocurrencies and NFT Exchanges

Valve is quietly laying down some new rules for games on Steam. This revelation was shared by SpacePirate Games, the developer of Age of Rust on Twitter who was recently contacted about it. According to these new rules, applications that issue or allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies and NFT's are banned on Steam.

The Steam rules and guidelines for applications on steam now bans “applications built on blockchain technology that issues or allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs”. Steam is removing all blockchain games from the platform including Age of Rust due to NFTs and cryptocurrencies having real-world value. Valve doesn't allow items with real-word value on their platform.

It looks like this is a new decision and considering the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, it does make sense. Valve has had legal trouble in the past due to gambling laws over Steam item gambling sites not connected to the company. Governments are rushing to try and regulate it which could mean trouble for Valve if they allowed blockchain on Steam.

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