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eblitz - Never play alone

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

I’ll start by saying that I’m not hugely one for multiplayer gaming. I had a stint, back in the Halo 3 era, but my lack of skill usually leads to an unsatisfying experience.

But I do have friends who have been around all the clans and free companies of online play. Which perplexed me. I’ve never quite understood how you go about meeting people to play with on these games. I guess you can randomly jump in a Halo lobby, hoping some of the users on voice chat aren’t teenagers making me question my mother’s promiscuity, possibly hit it off, then invite them to your friend list?

All in all, a bit of a farfetched scenario. I’m much more likely to come away with a few new slurs and a desire to never play that game again.

This is where eblitz comes in. Technology really will one day solve everything. And eblitz seems to have solved the problem of making friends to play with online.

So, what is it? In short, tinder for gaming, but without the romance (if you can call tinder romance).

You create a profile, set your gaming times, select which games you play. Then get swiping.

People are out there looking for a game, or someone to join their team, you can see them, swipe them, and reach out to play. It’s an incredibly efficient system.

It will match you with those with shared games, and shared playing times.

It’s currently got over 100 thousand downloads, so while a brilliant new app, you shouldn’t come up short of others to play with. It seems to be able to do what all those clubs I ignore on Xbox wanted to do, in getting players connected with each other.

It’s also recently implemented the new multi-game feature, having started primarily Fortnite focused, now you select up to 5 games from a very complete list, which are used to match you.

After all, if you’re like me, you’re playing at least a couple of games at once. (Not…literally at the same time, I’m no octopus)

My colleague Riku spoke with eblitz’s Arron recently to talk about the app, check that out below.

One thing that’s clear is that they’re really pushing for people to find new teammates and gaming friends in just one swipe!

It’s also free to use, with no subscriptions or paywalls.

So, if you’re struggling to find others to play with online, give this a go. We’d love to hear your stories on how you got on.

Plus, if you spot me on there, invite me to a game. I just can’t promise I won't be a liability to your team.

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