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News Bit: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries are... Dragon Bikes

The Pokemon Company recently released a new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon games due to release this year. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the start of Generation 9 meaning they come with a variety of new creatures including Legendaries. The two main Legendaries are Koraidon and Miraidon were announced earlier this year but the new trailer has unveiled something... interesting.

It turns out, Koraidon and Miraidon might look a lot like dragons but they also transform into bikes. Players will be able to ride them around the new region of Paldea. Koraidon is the Legendary Pokemon for Scarlet while Miraidon is the one for Violet.

In the trailer, Koraidon has wheels that descend but it's seen running instead with the player on its back. This legendary was also shown flying by flapping its wings. Miraidon did extend the wheels and then use them. However, Miraidon is also seen flying like a jet plane and driving like a motorboat in the trailer.

Visually it's a little strange and amusing to see Legendaries that look like dragons transform into vehicles for the player. However, it also seems to be a selling point for some Pokemon fans.

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