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News Bit: Silent Hill 2 Remake images have been Leaked from Internal Demo

This year has seen a number of Silent Hill rumours, including one claiming that a Silent Hill 2 remake was in the works. Several images for a potential Silent Hill 2 remake have now been leaked online.

Excited fans have been circulating images from a Silent Hill 2 remake on the internet however, these images are not from the remake. Dusk Golem, a known leaker of correct information, had revealed the images are authentic but not entirely correct. The ResetEra user commented that the images are not “even CLOSE to the final product" and reveals they are from an internal pitch demo before the project was greenlit. This means the leaked images are from a proof of concept demo created without a budget.

So while the leaked images are supposedly from the Silent Hill 2 remake, they aren't from a recent version of the game. The leak comes from an old pitch demo and isn't representative of the current state of the remake.

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