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News Bit: Silent Hill might be revealed this Month

Silent Hill has come up quite a few times this year and there's another rumour saying news will be coming this month. The new rumours have come from credible leakers with a proven track record for legitimate leaks. Considering there's been no official news about a new Silent Hill game since the cancelled PT trailer, the internet is ablaze with theories.

VGC's Andy Robinson claims that several people have told him that a Silent Hill reveal is coming sooner than he expects. While he does state that fans shouldn't take the information as “gospel”, Robinson also adds that “fans possibly won't have to wait much longer”.

To back this up, Jeff Grubb replied to the original Twitter post with a short gif that says “September”. Grubb is also known for leaking legitimate information about unreleased and unannounced games. It looks like he's been given similar information about a potential Silent Hill reveal.

What the game will be is still unclear. There have been various rumours about potential Silent Hill games this year. They include a remake/remaster, a brand new mainline game and also a lower budget episodic adventure game for the series. If the comments from Robinson and Grubb are correct, we can expect to learn more very soon.


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