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News Bit: Project 007 won't release until 2025 at the earliest

IO Interactive's Jame Bond most likely won't be releasing until 2025 at the earliest. The companies Annual Report for 2021/22 ending March 31st has revealed that the Project 007 game is scheduled to release after March 2025.

As spotted by Twitter user DarkDetective, the report states IO Interactive expects its profits to drop after March 2023 for at least two financial years. This is due to a lack of scheduled new releases after this time. It mentions there are “long production phases ahead” before the next big releases hit the market. This means that financial years 2024 and 2025 “estimates show a signifigant decrease”.

It seems as though IO Interactive isn't planning to release any major games until the financial year ending March 31st 2025 including James Bond. Project 007 was announced in 2020 with a short teaser video. There's been no official news on the game since then.


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