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News Bit: UK Regulatory Board is Concerned about the Xbox Activisoon Blizzard deal

The UK's regulatory board, CMA (Competition and Markets Authority), has expressed its concerns about Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. It's main concern is about the deal weakening the competition within gaming. The CMA explains that he deal could "substantially lessen competition in gaming consoles, multi-game subscription services, and cloud gaming services."

Will Xbox be able to accquire Activision Blizzard?

This doesn't mean that Xbox can't aquire Activision Blizzard. But both companies do need to complete some additional steps first. The CMA states both companies have until September 8th to develop proposals to address their concerns. If this doesn't happen then the CMA will be much more critical of the acquisition during its investigation which will make it more difficult for Xbox and Activision Blizzard.

Following this statement from CMA, the Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has released a new blog post detailing some of Xbox's plans for Activision Blizzard. He once again highlights that Xbox has every intention of releasing Call of Duty on PlayStation when the deal goes through. However, CoD will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass along with Overwatch and other Activision Blizzard titles.


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