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News Bit: Hyper Scape has is being taken offline after 18 months

Ubisoft has announced that the Hyper Scape servers will be shut down this year. Posting on the official website, Ubisoft has revealed that Hyper Scape is being taken offline in April. Fans of the game will be unable to play it after this point.

The team behind the game explained in the announcement that they had to make the “difficult decision to end development of Hyper Scape”. The development team will be “taking key learnings from this game” forwards into the future as they work on new projects and create new games.

For fans of the game, this news isn't a huge surprise considering Hyper Scape has never achieved the high popularity levels it needed. However, the servers being taken offline mean it will become unplayable in April.

Hyper Scape servers will be closing on April 28th though Ubisoft has not announced an exact time for this yet.


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