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News Bit: Microsoft will automatically cancel dormant Game Pass subscriptions

The UK's Competition And Markets Authority (CMA) has been investigating Microsoft's auto-renewing of subscriptions since 2019 and it's now come to completion. Microsoft has come to a voluntary agreement with the CMA and is making a few changes.

Anyone subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass who hasn't used the service in at least one year will be getting messages from Microsoft soon. The company will be informing those customers who do opt-out of future payments to cancel their subscription. However, those who continue to not use it for another full year will have their subscription automatically cancelled for them.

Microsoft will also be working to provide better information about the auto-renewing of subscriptions and the system as a whole. Instructions for how to receive a refund for accidental or unwanted renewals will also be highlighted.

These consumer-friendly changes will be applied first in the UK but will be rolled out globally in the near future for all Xbox users.

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