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News Bit: E3 2022 has been Officially Cancelled

The future of E3 has once again come into question. The ESA initially confirmed that there would be no in-person event for E3 however there were also rumours there would be no digital event this year. ESA has now confirmed that the E3 2022 event has been cancelled.

While E3 2022 has been cancelled, we can still expect to see video presentations with the latest gaming news this summer. The Summer Game Fest will still be taking place later this year and is the only major event confirmed so far. Publishers who typically hold events and shows during E3 may release video presentations and hold small digital events instead.

Major events such as the Nintendo E3 Treehouse are not expected though smaller online events may still happen. Each of the major publishers will be updating us with their summer plans in replacement of E3 later this year.

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