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Pre-E3 2021: The Devolver Digital E3 Show Story So Far

The Devolver Digital past E3 shows have been... unique. The first event was held in 2017 and since then, the company has been continuing the story as they made a handful of new announcements with a very different type of show.

If you've been out of the loop, Devolver Digital creates parody E3 pre-recorded conferences. And they've become a fan favourite since the first one in 2017. The shows aren't exactly created to be suitable for children so definitely keep this in mind if you haven't seen one yet.

The E3 Shows

In 2017, Devolver Digital unveiled the incredible new future of gaming: Devolver Digital Screen Pay. The stream ended with a rather dramatic explosion which begun the annual tradition.

The 2018 conference follows on from the events of the previous year and introduces the brand new CEO of Devolver Digital. Sadly, the very permanent CEO was replaced by the best CEO of all time (Nina Struthers) who explained why the show is not a joke. Naturally, there's a big twist to the story at the end for the Devolver Digital CEO.

This isn't your grandpapas gaming conference

After the dramatic cliff-hanger for 2018, the 2019 conference showed us exactly what we all wanted to see and how they were somehow going to host a conference. Unlike previous years, this conference became the first Devolver Digital Direct but of course, there's a cliff-hanger ending.

The 2020 show begun with a recap of all the previous show which was definitely a good thing. The Devolver Digital Direct has turned into a dramatic fight for the future's future's future while breaking the fourth wall and insulting our intelligence.

What to expect in 2021?

We can expect another Devolver Digital Direct following the same parody pattern. In 2020, they announced Devolver Digital Land Expo which is a free first-person marketing simulator. It's definitely possible they'll release an updated version of this game or another parody game this E3.

Tweet from earlier today. Prepare for nonsense.

When to Watch the Devolver Digital Event: June 12th, 12pm PT | 3pm ET | 8pm BST

You can catch it on their Twitch here.

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