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Everything announced at the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary livestream

This morning Square Enix held a livestream to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series, as the original Dragon Quest was released 35 years ago today in Japan.

At the event Square Enix made lots of announcements about the future of the series, here are some of the key announcements at the event.

You can watch the livestream with English translation here

Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate Announced

Nothing was shown besides 12 in roman numerals written in magma seeping out the ground with Dragon Quest above it and a narrator coldly saying, “what is the meaning of life?”. The series creator Yuji Horiii said it was about options and making your own choices and that it would be more adult. He also said that the command battle system was changing.

It is planned to have a worldwide simultaneous release although no date was mentioned. This will be the first mainline Dragon Quest game to get a worldwide simultaneous release.

You can watch the trailer here

Dragon Quest Treasures Announced

A new Dragon Quest spinoff has been announced. The game will be about Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest 11’s childhood and treasure hunting. The brief gameplay shown in the trailer suggests the game was from a third person over the shoulder perspective and involved interacting with monsters. It will also be getting a simultaneous worldwide release.

The lead developer said they cannot announce the release date and platforms it will be on yet.

You can watch the trailer here

Dragon Quest 3 remake Announced

A remake of Dragon Quest 3 has been announced. The game seems to have identical gameplay to the original NES game, but the graphics and presentation are substantially changed and resemble Octopath Traveller.

The series creator Yuji Horii said the possibility of remake of Dragon quest 1 and 2 in the same style is a possibility. The game will be getting a worldwide simultaneous release on home consoles. No release date was announced.

You can watch the trailer here

Dragon Quest KeshiKeshi Announced

A free to play puzzle game developed by NHN Playart for mobile devices called Dragon Quest Keshkeshi was announced. Details remain scarce but it appears to involve scribbling out enemies. The game was given a release date of 2021, but it appears that release date is for Japan and not the rest of the world, although it has been confirmed for a worldwide release. It is also unclear what the English language title of the game will be.

You can watch the trailer here

Dragon Quest 10 Offline Announced

A simplified offline version of Dragon Quest 10 has been announced. Details remain scarce but the graphical style is simplified and has an overhead camera. The developer promised to release the game in Japan as early as possible in 2022 and that more information would be coming. No worldwide release was mentioned.

You can watch the trailer here

Dragon Quest 10 Version 6 announced

Version 6 of the MMO Dragon Quest 10 has been announced. I don’t play Dragon Quest 10, but it appears to be ending storylines already established and features an angel character. There was no mention of Dragon Quest 10 coming to countries other than Japan. This update is coming in late 2021.

You can watch the trailer here

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