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Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2021 Day 1

While E3 2021 hasn't officially begun yet, the first Guerrilla Collective Showcase decided to kick things off early. They hosted their first event of the season on June 5th which showcased an array of interesting indie games. Over the 90-minute event, Guerrilla Collective teamed up to co-stream with Black Voices In Gaming to highlight games made by black creators or starring black protagonists.

Guerilla Collective will hold a second Showcase later this month on June 12th.

Here are some of the most interesting games included in the showcase:

The Eternal Cyclinder

The name is certainly strange. It's a 3D survival game where you control a small alien creature that you can evolve throughout the game. The gameplay at the event showed it to be strangely similar to Spore.


Top-down, twin-stick action game in 3D. It combines action with cartoonish graphics for an unusual game where a fox goes in search of his stolen TV remote.

Rubi: The Wayward Mira

There are a lot of side-scrolling platformers but this one comes armed with '80s influences, multiple playstyles and RPG elements in the fight to save a dying world.

El Paso, Elsewhere

The trailer doesn't show too much but what it does tell us, is that the game will be absolute madness. It's a third-person shooter set in a fictional El Paso, Texas where vampires and werewolves have overrun the place.


With a Lovecraftian inspired story and skill-based combat, Elderland borrows the styles of Castlevania and modernises them. 2D Action games can often have the problem of looking too similar to other games. Elderand doesn't have this problem.

Aerial Knight's Never Yield

It plays like an endless runner and includes a “dope-tastic” soundtrack alongside a story. The game is being designed with speedrunning in mind but so casual players can still enjoy it as well. We rarely see 3D runner games come to PC and Aerial_Kights Never Yield looks like a good choice for it.

Onsen Masters

There are a lot of management games but none about hot springs. Onsen Masters will put players in control of a hot springs and will focus on the customer management of the facility. Not just a solo player experience, two friends can play the co-op story mode together or play in a competitive couch multiplayer mode.

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Become a wildlife photographer in a strange new world! It's also a 3D adventure game with a few puzzles to solve on the way. While it's not quite Pokemon Snap, this upcoming game is probably the closest we'll be getting on PC for quite some time.


This beautiful game is set in an incredible ancient world filled with puzzles and obstacles to overcome. It might be a casual and relaxing game but there's a lot to love here. Onmo also has a demo currently available on Steam.


The trailer doesn't really show much on the game but we know what to expect. Vertigo is the video game adaption based on the Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo cinematic classic.

My Lovely Wife

If you've played My Lovely Daughter then you'll immediately recognise this game. It carries on the style of the first one and My Lovely Wife follows the story of a grieving widow who has been granted the knowledge to summon succubi. Naturally, you then need to make them fall in love with you and then sacrifice them.

The Legend of TianDing

This game delves into the legend of Liao Tianding, a folk hero from Taiwan. It's a sidescrolling action game that follows the legend and introduces it to the rest of the world. Players will be robbing the rich, feeding the poor and exposing the evil in the capital of Taiwan.

If you missed the Guerrilla Collective Showcase and wanted to watch it in full, it's available on YouTube here or below:

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