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Back 4 Blood Swarms the Xbox Showcase at E3 2021

Resident Evil may have made a move towards werewolves and vampires in its latest showing, but that doesn’t mean zombies are quite dead yet…

(See what I did there?)

In classic Left 4 Dead mash-and-smash, hack-and-whack, run-and-gun style gameplay, Back 4 Blood looks to inject the almighty power of the latest gaming generation into this beloved co-op arena. Showcasing a scary number of undead – or ‘Ridden’ as they’re lovingly known here – your job as one of the Cleaners is to, err, clean up these grabby, scratchy scumbags alongside four of your friends.

Offering the same ‘game director’ from previous titles means no single run through need ever be the same – a fantastic inclusion in the war for meaningful replay value. And whether you’re mowing down the masses or battling with the 20-foot fuglies that act as boss creatures, there’s a good variety of ghoulies, too. From reekers that put you in the mind of The Last of Us’ bloaters, to tallboys that are more akin to Resident Evil’s titans, horror lovers have a lot to look forward to.

As the game is made by Turtle Rock Studios, you can expect to pick this up on either Playstation or Xbox, but there is no word yet on whether cross-play will be available.

Pre-orders are available right now, with the game releasing on the 12th October this year – just in time for Halloween! You can register right now for early access to open beta, or just hit that pre-order button now so you and your gore-loving gang can be ready to rocket launcher some losers come release day.

Can’t wait until October? Why not grab Turtle Rock’s Left 4 Dead 2 and tune up those massacre skills ahead of time with their unexpected new update?

And pick up Back 4 Blood the day it drops with Xbox Game Pass. Enjoying our work. Check out our social media links and give us a follow.

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