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Ubisoft's upcoming co-op shooter game Project U leaked

Ubisoft's upcoming co-op shooter game is starting its first closed test soon. Of course, it's already been leaked. Someone has leaked what looks to be the introduction video for the first Alpha closed test. Leaked to Twitter (but now removed), the video is covered in a 'watermark' which distorts the contents slightly but it's still visible. Ubisoft announced Project U earlier this year but this is our first chance to learn more about the upcoming title. It's being described as a co-op shooter game and creative director Damien Kieken explains in the video that they aim to "do something a little different in the co-op shooter genre". The title is still in “very early development” and the video doesn't show much gameplay. It's mostly the developers talking about the game and highlighting that this is the first alpha test with only a very small number of players involved. The video includes a few different shots of the environment and one brief clip shows a player flying or gliding over the landscape. Codename Project U is currently allowing players to register for future Alpha and Beta tests.

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