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Xbox Cloud Gaming joins the Meta Quest in VR

Xbox Cloud Gaming is joining Meta Quest to let gamers play Xbox games without needing to leave VR. Meta recently made the announcement during the recent Meta Connect 2022 Livestream alongside various other VR-related news. As announced by Meta, players will be able to access Xbox games inside the VR world and will be provided access to the full library of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games. The games themselves won't be VR, users will be able to play them on a large 2D screen from inside VR. From the announcement, it just looks like the Xbox games are being played on a large cinema screen. Meta also states that players will be able to connect Xbox controllers to their Meta Quest VR headset. There's no date yet for when Xbox Cloud Gaming will be added to the Meta Quest Store for VR gamers. Meta states that it hopes to “share more on this as soon as possible", so they'll probably have more news for us about this soon.


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