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2006 Silent Hill movie director confirms New Games are coming

After multiple rumours and a new game rated in Korean, Silent Hill movie director, Christophe Gans, confirms new games are coming. In a recent French interview, he revealed that multiple new games are in development and that he's directing the upcoming Silent Hill movie series reboot. The interview was done in French but the full video has been translated on Resetera since it contains some very exciting things. Gans states that he is working with the “Silent Team, the original creators” and that he is working “in collaboration with Konami” but not Kojima. However, some of the people who worked on the original four Silent Hill games are working on a new game. He confirms that there are multiple Silent Hill projects in development right now at Konami with different studios being involved. Gans states that Bloober Team is the developer working on the Silent Hill 2 remake. Konami hasn't announced any new games yet but it's obvious there's a lot happening for the series with multiple game studios involved and a movie series reboot coming.


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