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Top 5 Tips for Winning in Minecraft Legends Versus Mode 2023

Minecraft Legends is the newest game released by Mojang, whilst the campaign tends to be most people’s focus due to there being a story and being able to play through it cooperatively. There is a growing player base in the games lesser known versus mode. This game mode pits two teams against each other with the aim of destroying the other’s tower. With both teams of 4 (or less depending on if you’re hosting a private match) fighting against each other rather than working together, a lot of strategy gets involved with this mode.

So here are my Top 5 Tips for Winning in Minecraft Legends Versus Mode. This guide will allow you to win a solid 90% of the time if all the tips in this guide are utilized.

5. Fortify your Tower

Unsurprisingly in a game where you have to protect your tower, fortifying your tower is the natural first thing that you should be doing in versus mode. Building walls around it to protect it from the initial threat of Piglins, building towers around so enemies get killed as they get close and mainly building protector towers around your tower and your improvement hub so that enemies can’t use Redstone launchers against you.

4. Attack the Piglin Base ASAP

The Piglin bases hold Prismarine within its structures, one of the most valuable resources in the game. This resource allows you to utilize your improvement hub to enable you to gather more resources, gain more allies and much much more. The best way to go about taking on these Piglin bases early is to build cobblestone golem spawners and attack them right away. When you have more resources, it is ideal to build towers around the “Spore” Piglin base as it’ll weaken the structures as you take them out more easily.

3. Build Abundant Allays First!

Allays are basically the builders and gatherers in Minecraft Legends, simply put the more you have the faster you’ll gather and the more you’ll be able to build. If you only have the default 3 allays then you can only build 3 things at a time. However, this tip entails that you should initially focus on reaching at least 10 allays for you and your teammates. This will allow you to gather hundreds of materials per second and build up to 10 structures at a time. The earlier you do this the better the outcome of your match will be as you’ll be able to out-resource your opponent.

2. Grab the Beetle Mount

The beetle mount is by far the best mount in the game, whilst the tiger is the fastest mount, the bird can glide, and the horse is just fast but with no real upside. The beetle has the ability to glide through the air as well as the ability to scale walls of any kind. Meaning it is the fastest mount when going up mountains, when you’re wanting to escape another player that’s attacking you and when you just want to have a look at what the other player's base is like.

1. Build Redstone Launchers Outside of the Enemy Tower

The Redstone launcher costs 400 Redstone and 600 stone and is in my opinion the most powerful structure to use against the enemy. With a large radius for attack this structure can deal significant damage to any structure that it comes in contact with, however it is limited to 5 shots before it has to go through a cooldown phase giving the enemy a chance to counter. The key to winning with this particular structure is either to set it up outside of the enemy base and aim for the tower and hope the enemy doesn’t see you. Or gain enough Redstone and stone to build 2 or 3 of these structures and fire them all off at once giving the enemy no time to counter it before they are defeated.

This particular strategy pairs quite well with building abundant allays as you would be able to acquire large amounts of both Redstone and stone within seconds, giving you the ability to build Redstone launchers in quick succession.

And there you have it, my Top 5 Tips for Winning in Minecraft Legends Versus Mode, if you disagree or if you have other tips, please place these ideas in the comments below.

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