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Top 5 weapons in Vampire Survivors

Vampire survivors is a roguelike shooter with a very retro aesthetic, this game was recently released with Xbox Game Pass and many have found this game incredibly addictive, although with the number of weapons this game gives you it can be a little overwhelming at first, so here I have listed the top 5 weapons that you can unlock in the first couple hours of this game.

5. Whip/ Bloody Tear

The whip is the first weapon that you get access to in vampire survivors and whilst it only attacks horizontally the weapon itself is quite strong, but not quite as good as the other weapons on this list. However, the reason it is placed on the #5 spot on this list is because of how good the evolution of the whip is. The Bloody Tear has the same moveset as the whip but with one major upgrade. The fact that it can absorb health from the enemies. This Evolved weapon is greatly effective when it comes to reaching the 30-minute mark in the early levels.

4. Clock Lancet

The evolution of the clock lancet is practically a must in the later stages of the game but because you get the evolved form way later we will just talk about the Clock Lancet itself. What this weapon does is it shoots a beam that moves in a clockwise direction, and when this beam hits the enemies it freezes them in time, this serves well as both an offensive and defensive weapon in that you can form an escape path if low on health through the frozen enemies, or use the frozen enemies as an opportunity to strike whilst they’re down. This weapon pairs quite well with the garlic weapon since you’d be able to just walk through the frozen enemies killing them on the way.

3. King’s Bible/Unholy Vespers

The King’s Bible is one of the most helpful weapons in the game and also one you unlock super early, its function is pretty simple in that it creates a ring of books around your character that spins in a circle, at level 1 it starts with just one book but the number of books as well as the duration of the spinning increases as you level up. The reason this one is so good and is ranked so highly is that when it’s at level 8 most enemies will have a hard time penetrating the spinning circle of books, however when evolved into the unholy vespers using the spellbinder (unlock this item by levelling Runetracer to level 7) then the cooldown of this weapon is eliminated meaning you have a constant ring of books circling your character, paired with garlic and the clock lancet this weapon will aid you in becoming near untouchable for the duration of your games.

2. Garlic/Soul Eater

Garlic is widely considered a staple for most runs and that’s because garlic is so useful. What it does is it creates a circular area of effect constant attack which deals damage to any enemies that get close to you. In terms of the first level especially even levelling this item up once means you can just walk through all swarms of bats in the area and collect their XP. when levelled up to around level 6 or 7 you can walk straight through the skeleton hordes at the 11-minute mark of the mad forest. The beauty of the garlic is that it matches extremely well with every other weapon in the game and that’s why it deserves the #2 spot on this list.

1 . Pentagram/Gorgeous Moon

This particular entry is a bit up for debate however the pentagram is a must-have for any of the runs that I go through, a high-risk, high-reward item that completely clears the screen of enemies, the downside is in the early stages of having this item it has a high chance of clearing all items and chests on the screen as well. However, through upgrades, you can level this item to clear all enemies with a 65% chance of keeping the items on the screen.

And if you are holding the crown item as well then when the pentagram reaches level 8 if you evolve this item it turns into one of the best weapons in the game. The Gorgeous Moon. The GM has similar abilities to the Pentagram in that it clears the screen of enemies. However, the GM has a significantly upgraded effect in that it upgrades the XP crystals on the screen and after clearing all enemies it attracts all the XP crystals on the screen to your character making it significantly easier to level up whilst dealing massive damage. (to unlock this weapon you need to reach the 20-minute mark with any character)

And there you have it, my Top 5 early game weapons in Vampire Survivors, if you have a weapon that you wish would have made the list or any thoughts of your own feel free to comment below.


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