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Top 10 Tips on Making Caps In Fallout 76

Here are 10 tips to help you become the richest dweller in Appalachia:

10. Loot Everything

Search every nook, cranny, and corpse for valuable items to sell to vendors and place in your own camp vendor for other players to buy. Almost everything has some sort of value whether it be spoiled meat for fertilizer to guns off of dead enemies. Everything can be used or broken down into scrap in order to sell. If you find a honey hole with a lot of loot don’t be afraid to make multiple trips because the cost fast traveling can be outweighed by the amount of caps you make selling your goods.

9. Complete Quests

They reward you with caps and valuable items to sell or scrap. This is also the main way of getting plans/recipes to learn new items which you can sell. Not only will you progress further along in quest lines and get better loot but you’ll gain levels which helps out with being able to use higher tier items so you can sell/ breakdown your older stuff for scrap. It's all about recycling! 

8. Join Events:

Events are a great way to earn caps as they often reward you with valuable items such as plans, weapons and armor upon completion just like quests do except you have the opportunity to play with other players and making new friends! Although you should be a higher level to do these events you will find that the fallout community is very helpful and that the high levels will help out. So don’t be intimidated to join and try your luck because you never know what kind of good loot could drop for you!

7. Collect Bounties

Hunting down wanted criminals and collecting their bounties is a fun and lucrative way to earn caps. Although rare, pvp still happens and there is always the need for those that deal out justice and protect low levels. Think of it as being a wasteland version of the Punisher being able to hunt down those that are trolling and making the game harder for those just starting out gaining notoriety and caps along the way. 

6.Invest in Perks

Certain perks like Cap Collector, Fortune Finder and Hard Bargain can help you earn more caps when selling items or finding them in the wasteland. You should get these perks as early as possible to get the maximum efficiency out of them. Remember, perk cards can be switched out as you play/ they are needed so don’t worry about them taking up a spot for a perk card you want or need for your build.

5. Collect Caps Stashes

Keep an eye out for hidden caps stashes while exploring the wasteland. They can be found in various locations like abandoned buildings, raider outposts, super mutant camps and other random places so keep your eyes peeled! Although you won’t find a huge number of caps at one time, you’d be surprised how quickly it all adds up. So, look extra carefully when looting areas that look like have been occupied especially because that’s where I’ve found a lot of cap stashes. Yes, there’s some randomly in the wild and in mines and such but from my experience the best places are ones that humans have been or currently are. 

4. Be Patient

Earning caps in Fallout 76 takes time and dedication. Don't get discouraged if you don't become a cap millionaire overnight. Keep exploring, looting, and trading and you'll eventually see your caps increase. Also remember to log in and get your daily rewards because they give out 250 caps at a time and that would be a nice little boost every once in a while. Another helpful thing is doing daily challenges and weekly challenges as they also offer caps as rewards sometimes. Every little bit helps!

3. Focus on a “Profession” Become a hunter and sell meat/pelts or be a farmer and sell crops maybe even a gunsmith and sell modified weapons. The choice is yours, but this could lead to making caps fun and fast. Focusing on one particular thing to do in order to make caps is something that is important to me and there may be others out there like that. Instead of all the running around and randomly looting everything you can focus on a set list of items you need in order to make what you want to sell. 

2. Server Hop Although time consuming and tedious going from server to server and farming the same locations for rare plans can be extremely profitable. This is done by a lot of experienced players and people that know what to look for and what’s selling well. There are certain apps and discord servers to join that keep updated information about which plans, and other items are currently being sold for good caps so do some digging around and find a good one to get or server to join and get the maximum amount of information you need to be rolling in caps. 

1. Selling and Reselling Items The best way to earn caps is to use the Rogue Trader site ( check prices on item/ plans then go from player camp to player camp and buy things that are at a lower price than normal and then reselling them at your own camp for the current market price. No location farming or fighting enemies. Just go from server to server and look through players inventory and what they already went through the hard work of gathering and essentially just become a reseller. Fast, easy and definitely effective. If you have the time and already have the extra caps to spare, then this is a great choice.

Now that you're armed with these tips good luck in conquering the wasteland one cap at a time.

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