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This Starfield Player Has Surveyed Every Planet

It has always fascinated me to hear about the attention to detail, persistence, and patience that a lot of gamers have. There are collectors of in-game rare items that have extremely low drop rates, there are achievement/trophy hunters that feel the need to complete every little thing about a game and then there are builders that make impressive worlds, camps and bases in survival games. Yet throughout my ADHD fuelled skipping through games, nothing has stood out to me more than the work of Irresolute Cartographer(@GamingWithMaps).

There are a lot of Starfield content creators out there pouring hours into the game and discovering some pretty amazing things, but nothing really compares to the amount of effort and time this madman has poured into what is essentially the most impressive piece of work for one person to do. His #StarfieldSystemSurvey project on Twitter deserves a lot more recognition than it’s gotten because not only has he flown from star system to star system surveying each planet listing the resources, flora and fauna found on them but he has also compiled a list of planets that are best for building outposts on ,which ones have each type of extractable resource you need and the perks requirements all compiled in a easily digestible format.

To do something like this on your own time and for free just because you feel like doing it or you really enjoy it is just incredible concept if you think about it. There used to be a time when people would have to buy a strategy guide or do deep dives with multiple searches to find this kind of information, yet it’s all gathered in one spot for free on this Hero’s twitter page. 

You might ask yourself why? What made him do this? Has he done something like this before or plan to? Well, you’re in luck because I asked these to the man himself! One of the first things I asked IC is what was the reasoning behind tackling such a feat and it boiled down to two things.

1. Practically and the fact that there was little information on resources at the time Starfield launched so it was done for personal use really. 

2. Living vicariously through the game seeing as how IC’s dream job is to be an interstellar Cartographer and since that probably won’t ever happen then Starfield is a good substitute. 

Another thing I asked IC was how long did it take him to complete his #StarfieldSystemSurvey and while he doesn’t have an exact figure, out of the 600hrs he’s poured into the game he wagers about 2/3rds of that time has been spent surveying and documenting his findings. That is a crazy number of hours spent in game just to gather information for personal use. We are lucky to have someone that hands over such quality work for fellow players to use.

Lastly, I wanted to ask this humble hero if he has any intentions of carrying on this project to other games and if he’s done something like this before and well, I’ll just let him tell you in his own words:

“I have done things like this before, specifically in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. The first time through Mass Effect I kept a log of every planet I found, including the description, physical characteristics, resource nodes, crashed probes, etc. For Mass Effect 2, I created a log of resources found, created a spreadsheet in a google drive, and shared a link to it in the description of the closing video I made in a full walkthrough of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I will absolutely do things like this in the future, including for any additional planetary systems added to Starfield.”-Irresolute Cartographer 

In the end people like IC make the gaming community a better place with the amount of work they put into making things easier for fellow gamers. We should always do our best to put these people in the spotlight and get their projects in front of as many eyes as possible. After you’ve read this, I suggest going and giving him a follow on Twitter. 

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