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The Current State of the Gaming Community

There’s no denying that console warring has made an ugly comeback in recent years. While it has always been a thing since the introduction of differing consoles, lately it has gotten increasingly toxic and at times extremely personal. Now, in the early days of me joining the gaming side of social media, I played my part in the whole Xbox vs PlayStation battles and what I soon realized is that there is no winning at all. People will stand firm in what they like and how they spend their hard earned money, so wasting energy trying to convince someone otherwise is stressful and frustrating. It’s insane and the time could be better spent actually playing games and doing the one thing that gaming is supposed to do which is relax and be an escape from the everyday struggle of life .

PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, IPhone, android, iPad it doesn’t matter what you play your games on if it makes you happy then that’s all that matters. Nobody can dictate what you do, if owning a PlayStation makes someone mad then let them be mad. If owning an Xbox makes someone mad then let them be mad. Game on and be kind to each other regardless of what they choose to do. Not only does that apply to the gaming community but to life itself really, just let people be happy and focus on yourself.

xbox vs playstation

Now, there are those that farm impressions on social media because they need the money and attention which will most likely be the downfall of the gaming community. But I’m optimistic and I think that there are those like me that like to make a change happen and with a lot of determination, patience, ignoring negativity and encouraging others to do tbe same, I think that change can happen.

Share your gaming clips, join communities so you always have people to party up with and talk to, share each others work, do everything you can to make the gaming landscape better than it has been. There are real world problems going on out there so let’s not bring it into the one last escape a lot of people have. You never know what others are dealing with.

This wasn’t meant to sound preachy or like I'm talking down to the community. It’s an excellent community and I’m trying to let others know what I have experienced and to try and make this place better than what it’s been like lately. I want everyone to get past all the bickering and I want all consoles to thrive. Because, at the end of the day these game studios have made some absolutely incredible games compared to what we all grew up playing, and we should be out there enjoying them.

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