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Top 7 Tips for Making Gil in FFXIV 2023

People want to make Gil in Final Fantasy for various reasons, from buying updated gear for your character to buying a house. There are many ways to make Gil in this game but when you search online, most of what you find talks about doing daily dungeons or levelling your crafting and gathering classes to the max level and doing levequest turnins. I have created 7 tips and tricks on making Gil in FFXIV and all you need ultimately is access to the marketboards so that the average player can make millions very easily.

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7. Don’t be afraid to undercut

When you’re trying to make Gil in this game, you need to keep in mind that there are many other players that are also trying to make Gil  just as quickly and as easily as you are. And they will sell their items sometimes 1 Gil cheaper than yours to make their offer the cheapest available. From this, other players will then undercut them and this basically goes on until the sale itself happens.

Because of this you can’t be stubborn on keeping the price you wanna sell your item at unless you stand to lose money. So for example, if you’re selling a Magicked Bed for 3 million Gil and someone undercuts your sale by a few Gil, to make sure you have the highest probability of selling your mount you will need to undercut the lowest bid as well, staying at 3 million Gil will pretty much guarantee that you won’t sell for a long time if at all. So you need to be flexible.

If you really want to sell your item urgently, feel free to undercut the lowest sale by a significant amount, this could risk other people doing the same and lowering the value of the item as a whole but you will get a higher chance of selling your goods and the markets usually will bounce back to the previous value. Making gil is better than not making gil. 

6. Buy from the NPC’s

When you search the market board, many people forget about the cheapest and easiest way to get some of these items, buying them from the NPCs in the same area that they’re buying the items from. Since most people don’t bother checking to see if they can get the item they want easier, it opens up an opportunity for you to acquire these incredibly cheap items and sell them at a massive profit.

For example, a weathered pickaxe on the market board sells on average between 10k Gil to 20k Gil. However, from the Fieldcraft Merchant in the same area, you can buy the same weathered pickaxe for only 71 Gil. Tallow candles sell for 300 Gil each at the moment on the Market board, yet you can buy from nearby merchants for only 225 Gil. Not as big of a profit, however, there are many items like these that you can buy significantly cheaper from the local NPCs.

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5. Gather materials yourself for crafting

It's no secret that one of the best ways to make Gil in general is to make more money than you spend. The best way to accomplish this is to gather all the materials you need for crafting yourself.

 If you’re making an item that is worth 40k gil on the marketboard and you buy the materials needed for 20k when you could have gathered them yourself,  You just lost 50% of the gil you could have made otherwise. So whenever you get the chance, always gather your own materials. 

4. Visit other world servers when buying low, selling high

One of the best ways to make Gil whilst also saving yourself from levelling your crafting and gathering classes is to visit other world servers to find your goods cheaper, if you choose, you can go to the main aetheryte in any major city and travelling to another server as a visitor where in the other servers you could find your goods for significantly cheaper.

For example, if you are in the Sephirot server and a HQ Diadochos coat of healing is selling for 500,000 Gil and you want to find it cheaper, you could decide to look in the Zurvan server and buy the same item for 150k Gil. Then returning to your server and selling your coat for a 350k Gil profit

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3. Utilise your retainers

Retainers are helpful tools to make you a profit in Final Fantasy XIV, you can use them to collect items for you that you have gathered in the past, or you can send them on expeditions to collect random items for you. 

One of the best uses for retainers for getting a consistent profit at least in my opinion is to purchase the max amount of retainers that you can get, and have 8 of them set to gathering classes to collect shards or crystals for you to sell in bulk, and have 1 retainer as a combat class to be on constant quick ventures to get you equipment you can trade in to maintain the amount of ventures this will cost. At level 1 these retainers would be able to collect 480 shards of your choosing and say at level 80 this will go up to 880. 

Depending on the server you’re on you can sell upwards of 70k Gil worth of crystals every hour, and even if you don’t wish to sell them, the shards and crystals will still be incredibly helpful in your crafting endeavours. 

2. Search the marketboard for easy to craft items that consistently sell for a lot

There’s a reason that whenever you go to any major city that you will see people looking at the marketboard all day, it’s because they’re scanning it for aspects of the market where they can make the most Gil. 

Finding items that are easy to gather, craft or collect that also sell for a lot on the market board is a surefire way of getting some Gil, whether its fish glue selling for 1k each when it costs 36 Gil to make, or a Byakko weapon that sells for 600k when the mane used in the crafting only costs 50k Gil to buy.

 Finding these items on your marketboard is one of the best ways to make Gil in all of final fantasy 14. For me personally the item i sell (which i won’t disclose here as i want to be able to keep selling it) makes me around 7 million Gil profit a week


1.Become a travelling salesperson

This Final tip is a bit of an odd one but I have to put it in this list. Whilst making Gil on the market board is certainly an effective way to make a profit, there are always creative ways you can think of to make some extra gil, whether it's getting money for flying people to the aether currents to some of the shadier practices in the alleyways of Limsa. For this tip we will focus on my personal favourite, becoming a travelling salesperson.

What this involves is finding a product that is worth a lot of Gil, for me I chose the Alkonost whistle that sells on my market for 3.5 million Gil due to me being able to buy resplendent feathers for 700k Gil for 3 of them. Then going up to individuals (level 90 ones are more likely to have Gil on them) and /tell offer the item at a significantly reduced price, for me this would generally be 2.8 million gil. After you find someone that wants the item in question you trade them the item for the gil, then you rinse and repeat until you feel that you’ve reached the amount of people that will most likely buy your product. 

This method whilst out of the box has managed to make me 50 million Gil in a single week which was enough for me to buy my Free Company a Large house. It is important to note however, that most players around will probably have less than 5 mil Gil available to them at any given time. There are plenty of rich players but you won’t always find them, so whatever item you choose i would advise you stick to items that are less than 5 million Gil.

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