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The Future of Fallout 76

While opinions on Fallout 76 are quite mixed, many players have enjoyed the game since its launch while others have had a more negative experience. However, there’s no denying the game has made significant improvements over the years and brought many players back who now appreciate it.

Fallout 76 has a dedicated and friendly community which can make the gaming experience more enjoyable so if you haven't played since launch it might be worth giving it another try to see how it has improved.

Since the first introduction of the Expeditions in Fallout 76 (The Pitt), it has always felt like there is something missing. Players want more than just a “Dungeon/Raid” to go to and then return back to the main map of the Appalachian Wasteland. For example: A new map to explore, new creatures to discover , new enemies and NPCs to interact with and new weapons . 

Bethesda could take a page out of the Elder Scrolls Online playbook and really expand and create something special with Fallout 76. Luckily for the fans, I think that exact groundwork might be getting laid out in March of 2024! According to Ellys Tan, Senior Quest Designer, there will be new quests and the ability to explore freely in Atlantic City in the next major update.

With this ability to explore and interact with more of the wasteland, Bethesda will be able to test the waters and see if adding future locations and maps will be worth the time and effort. In a day and age where studios are laying off staff and games are being cancelled, I think this is a good way of not diving head first into something that could cause problems later on. We saw that with the Nuclear Winter debacle and how that took away staff from being able to work on the core problems with Fallout 76 at release. Personally, I’d welcome back the idea of a Fallout Battle Royale mode, but as of right now the focus needs to be on content and stabilization of the core game.

My personal opinion is that the future of Fallout 76 is looking bright. Bethesda has announced plans to support the game for at least five more years which means you'll have plenty of time to explore the wasteland and make new friends.

In the coming years, you can expect to see new content, including: Updates to the C.A.M.P. system, more quests, more enemies and with the promise of new locations and stories to explore you'll have plenty of reasons to keep coming back to the game. But of course it’s a Bethesda game so you can also expect a few technical hiccups and bugs along the way. But hey, that’s what makes their games unique and what gives us lots of entertainment and enjoyment am I right?

In the end, the future of Fallout 76 looks like it will be filled with exciting adventures, new friends, and more than a few laughs. Pack extra Rad-Away and purified water because I hope to see you new players soon! Enjoy our content? Then please give us a follow on twitter to support our website!


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