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Sony has registered a new trademark for the PlayStation Experience Show

Sony seems to be finally looking to revive its popular PlayStation Experience event and game showcase. For those who don't know, the event is a Sony showcase to reveal and showcase upcoming PlayStation games, make announcements for existing games and unveil new merchandise or hardware. The last event was held in 2017 and Sony hasn't touched it since despite their lack of an E3 presence over the past few years. These events have typically given us a first look at the gameplay of major upcoming games for the PlayStation consoles.

New PSX Trademark

Sony has registered a new PlayStation Experience trademark with the US Patent Office. The listed brand for the Mark Application is PSX which is a commonly used spelling for the PlayStation Experience and the patent is for “organizing, promoting and conducting exhibitions and conferences for commercial purposes”

The patent covers the fields of “entertainment and video games for non-business purposes and non-commercial purposes”. It also includes online shows “featuring video game playing and news” and various other services. All of which we know are typical of the PlayStation Experience event and Sony did hold several of these events in the US.

When is the next PlayStation Experience?

There is no confirmed date at the moment from Sony but there are plenty of leaks and rumours suggesting we might not need to wait very long to find out. Currently, the most suggested date online for the next PlayStation Experience is July 8th which would mean Sony should announce it very soon. According to the leak is correct of course.

User Navatra on the Resetera website has leaked news in the past including the newly announced Final Fantasy Origins. In a response to a comment about Final Fantasy XVI ever being announced and Sony making more accoutrements, Navtra states “just wait a couple more weeks”. The user has proven to be reliable in the past with leaking correct information for Sony games.

However, there was also an apparent 4Chan leak claiming that Sony is planning a big event for the end of June. According to that supposed leak, the event would showcase titles for 2021 and 2022 including PS4, PS5 and PlayStation VR. It would also include a first look at the new PlayStation VR 2.

Both the apparent leaks are suggesting similar things so while it seems safe to assume there is an event coming, we'll need to wait for Sony to confirm it.

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