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Sony confirms that almost half of all PS4 and PS5 Owners are Female

Sony recently gave a presentation to their investors which can be found online here that contained a lot of interesting information. The presentation highlights different key notable information that highlights the player demographics and a lot more.

The OG PlayStation Girl

41% of PS4 and PS5 owners are Female

As the Sony presentation shows, 18% of all original PlayStations were owned by females which the PlayStation 4 and 5 have seen a substantial increase. The most recent consoles now have 41% female ownership revealing the growing number of female gamers across the world. The Sony presentation only uses the word “female” meaning there's no confirmed division between girls and women so the percentage is for all female age groups.

Another interesting piece of information from the demographics section points out that PlayStation 1 players have stuck with Sony over the years. They also break down the console ownership across different ages starting from the 13 – 18 group. According to the presentation, the majority of PlayStation console owners are in the youngest age bracket and the console ownership rate slowly decreases through the ages.

From the first Gen to now. PlayStation has always provided great female protagonists

What does this mean?

The Sony presentation highlights the importance of diverse content with an increasing number of gamers across the world. The popularity of PlayStation consoles is growing across the world which also means Sony is looking to expand further. With them looking to expand their 1st party studios, we can expect to see more female protagonists in the future for current-generation PlayStation games. Interestingly, Sony is also looking to redouble their China focus which could provide us with even more diverse games over the next few years. Diversity in games has been a difficult thing to get right with developers either doing a poor job or just not doing it at all. However, Sony has been working to improve this in their games which might also be part of the reason for the increasing number of female players.

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