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Sony says Battlefield “cannot keep up” with Call of Duty

The proposed Activision Blizzard takeover by Microsoft is facing intensive scrutiny by regulators around the world. The biggest cause of arguments seems to be over the Call of Duty franchise.

One of the arguments supporting the deal is that moving Call of Duty away from PlayStation would allow other franchises such as Battlefield and Titanfall to step up. Sony completely disagrees with this. Documents released by the UK's regulatory board reveal that Sony believes Call of Duty “is not replicable” and other games cannot compete with the success of the series.

Sony goes further and states that Battlefield “cannot keep up” due to Call of Duty being “too entrenched for any rival” to compete with. The reason for this is that the series has been “the top-selling game for almost every year in the last decade” and is “overwhelmingly the top-selling game” for the FPS genre. It believes that “other publishers do not have the resources of expertise” to produce games that match the success of CoD.

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