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UK's CMA is asking for public opinions about the Xbox-Activision deal

The UK's competition regulatory board has announced that everyone will be able to give their opinion on if the deal should be allowed to go ahead. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has also recently published its “theories of harm” listing which details its concerns about the proposed Activision-Blizzard acquisition.

CMA states that “the public can share their views and evidence” with them by making a submission. As the UK Government website explains (), everyone can now use the listed email to state their opinions on the deal and send in their evidence. It's allowing people to send attachments but only Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or searchable PDF files are accepted as evidence. CMA notes that anyone sending emails should “indicate any confidential material” if they want to remain anonymous and include a non-confidential version as well. The page explains that “due to the anticipated volume of submissions”, the CMA may not be able to respond to each email. As previously explained, the regulatory board is looking for information about the potential for competition concerns.


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