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Project 1v1 is Still in Development From Gearbox

Announced back in 2017 for E3, Gearbox has been very quiet about their upcoming new FPS game and still doesn't have much to show. Project 1v1 is, as expected, a solo competitive shooter game where players fight in a 1-on-1 situation. After E3 2017 it had a closed technical test later that summer and a demo was released in 2018 revealing more of the gameplay. The game is a competitive FPS but it also has collectable card game mechanics. It's a deathmatch game where whoever kills the other person the most will win. There was also a ranked system so players would be matched on a skill level. Another closed technical test was also held in June 2019.

What's new for Project 1v1?

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford responded to a question on Twitter about Project 1v1 confirming the game is still in development without using those words. He responded with "Ongoing. The pandemic shook us up a bit, but we went through a chrysalis and I am excited for what will emerge.".

The “chrysalis” most likely refers to the recent company purchase of Gearbox Entertainment by Embracer Group. This company is based in Sweden and acquired Gearbox for around 1.3 billion USD. While the name isn't well known by most gamers, Embracer Group also owns THQ Nordiq, Kock Media, Saber Interaction and move. Their game catalogue includes Saints Row, Dead Island and Metro.

During the Take-Two fiscal year earning call, it was also revealed that Gearbox Entertainment has at least one new franchise in development launching before April 2022 and they have plans to continue working with Gearbox despite the new acquisition. This new franchise may be related to Project 1v1 but we'll need to wait for Gearbox Entertainment to make their announcement in the coming months.

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