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Metro Exodus Developer is Working on a New IP

The developers of Metro Exodus are starting work on a brand new game which will also be a new IP. 4A Games has posted several new jobs on their career page which has revealed they're working on multiple projects at the moment. One of which is a new unannounced IP.

How do we know they have a new IP?

The 4A Games careers page has a long list of open jobs available at the moment. However, several of these include “New IP” in the name which is unusual for the developer. The job listings don't provide much information about what the new game and IP will be. However, there is a new IP in the works. The Environment Concept Artists role mentions the successful applicant will “have a rare opportunity to co-create the visual style of a new AAA IP by the makers of the Metro series”. The Creatures Concept Artists job listing also mentions the role is for a new “AAA IP by the makers of the Metro series”.

What do we know about the new game an IP?

The job listings have been carefully worded to not give too much away so it's pretty unclear what the new IP is and what the new game will be like. There are a few small hints at least that give us some idea of what to expect. Creatures Concept Artist and Environment Concept Artist roles both include several applicant preferences such as “passion for FPS games” and a “realistic, but artful and atmospheric style”. It seems like the next IP will be FPS-focused again like the Metro series and the series should be realistic.

At the same time, the Senior Technical Artist role states the game will be “the most lively video game environments ever seen”. 4A Games also mentions having experience with “creating physical, fluid and gas simulations” as a preference for this role. It doesn't give us much information but the Technical Designer role also mentions they're looking for someone to help improve their gameplay mechanics “such as weapons, vehicles, player locomotion, etc”. Sadly, that's all we can get from the job listings. The other listings are much more typical of those roles and don't give us any more hints about what to expect. 4A Games will be making an announcement in the future when they've got something to show for this new IP.

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