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The Devil in Me. The Next Dark Picture's Anthology Game.

The next game in the Dark Picture's Anthology series seems to have been leaked by the trademark filling for it. While the leak is for the fourth game in the series, the third game is due for release this year. House of Ashes is the third instalment due for release on October 22nd later this year. We know that this game will follow a group of American soldiers looking for weapons of mass destruction during the Iraq war. Naturally, it does not go well. The group end up in an ancient Sumerian temple with ancient supernatural creatures. House of Ashes seems to be taking a slightly different route to the previous games considering this sounds more action-focused.

Check out the trailer below.

What do we know about The Devil in Me?

The trademark has named the fourth game as “Devil in Me”. It covers the title of the game and the stylised title of it including a magnifying glass at the bottom of the letter V. The trademark for the game includes a left-facing skull that has a compass inside it as the logo.

It was filed on June 28th without any information about the game attached. We can make a few assumptions though. Based on the title, demonic possession is a potential theme though Supermassive Games could go a different route. It could also be a game focusing on a serial killer instead or maybe even a mix of both theories. The logo doesn't give us much outside of hinting towards death, exploration and maybe investigation too.

House of Ashes will release this year on October 22nd. We won't be getting news about The Devil in Me until after the release of the third game.

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