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News Bit: There's a Nvidia RTX 3090Ti coming this year

Getting hold of a new graphics card has been rather difficult lately and while Nvidia has tried to help, the situation hasn't gotten much better. The great GPU shortage of 2021 is carrying on into 2022 and now Nvidia is bringing a few new cards out. Whether or not anyone can ever buy one at retail price is a different thing.

The new RTX 3090 Ti is the flagship card for the year for Nvidia and it's coming with a few upgrades over the original RTX 3090. Full specs for the card will be coming later this month but we know a few things now. The RTX 3090 Ti will be running at a fast 21 GB/s processing speed and has an extra 256 cores over the original model. Basically, the card is a 10% improvement over the base version.

It might not sound like a big increase on paper but the RTX 3090 Ti is a significant improvement over the original card. The original card had a starting MSRP from $1,499 and the new version will most likely cost more than this.

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