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40 people arrested in Turkey for Twitch Money Laundering Scheme

On Tuesday, January 4th, the Turkish police arrested 40 suspects over an alleged money laundering scam through Twitch. Since this is a local Turkish story, the Demirören News Agency (DHA) has covered the story a lot but it hasn't made its way outside of the country much yet. Dexerto explains that the laundering was done through the Twitch Bits via stolen credit cards.

The suspects are accused of using Bits to launder money from stolen credit cards. The scammers sent Bit to streamers who wound send around 70 to 80 per cent of the real money back to the scammers. While it might not sound like much at first by Turkish authorities estimate the scam totalled 9.8 million USD. This scam has a two-year-long paper trail so this scam has been operating for quite some time.

While 40 people have been arrested so far, it's unknown if more arrests will be made. Several of the suspects are reported to be minors.

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