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News Bit: Piplup is teaching us how to exercise at the gym (not a Pokemon Gym)

The start of a new year usually brings all kinds of new years resolutions with it. One of the most common being to exercise more or to get healthier. Everyone's favourite penguin Pokemon Piplup seems to also be trying to get a bit fitter this year too. The Pokemon Company has uploaded a new video to their Japanese YouTube channel of Piplup attempting to exercise. Of course, it's just someone in a giant Piplup costume.

The video follows Piplup attempting to exercise with a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. He wants to get as strong as an Empoleon and he can only slightly follow along with the exercises. Attempting to exercise in a giant Piplup costume is difficult.

The video is also a nice beginners fitness video overall. The trainer explains each exercise and the benefits of them along with the targetted muscles. You just need to speak Japanese to understand it all.

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