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News Bit: Square Enix wants to make “story-focused” NFTs

Square Enix has revealed its plans to continue with blockchain technology integration with its game development. As reported by Michsuzuki, Square Enix recently released its 2022 Shareholders' Meeting Report which included some of its goals. The report states that the company's medium-term goals include the “development of blockchain games and entertainment products”.

Company president Yosuke Masuda discussed the topic of blockchains and noted that “it's still too early to consider making Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy blockchain games”. Square Enix has plans to make blockchain and NFT games part of its portfolio which will be “story-focused”. This is part of the reason why Square Enix sold several game development studios and major IPs to the Embracer Group earlier this year.

Square Enix still seems to be focusing on blockchain games and NFTs becoming a large part of gaming in the future. It's unknown if this gamble will pay off but it's clear there won't be any blockchain games coming from Square Enix any time soon.

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