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News Bit: Sony PS5 Patent suggests Faceplates are coming

Sony filed an interesting parent on November 5th 2020 which was one week before the PS5 was released. It was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and spotted by OPAttack when it was finally made public on November 16th 2021 The patent is listed as a “cover for electronic device” but looking closer at the images, it's obvious what it's for.

The now public patent is clearly for official PlayStation 5 faceplates from Sony. In the past, Sony has threatened legal action against unofficial third-party companies making faceplate designs. Last month Sony also released a teardown video of the PlayStation 5 including how to remove the covers by hand so clearly, Sony has a few plans for this.

Sony hasn't announced any plans yet about releasing official faceplates for the PlayStation 5. The PS5 covers and skins patent is a clear hint though that they will be coming in the future.

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